BOUTET, a family history

Edouard Noël Boutet, a famous jeweller and supplier of the Royal Arms Factory of Versailles, was the founder of what was to become over the centuries the Boutet company.
“Manufacture de Matières Plastiques René Boutet et Compagnie” was created by René Boutet, engineer and inventor of the plastic industrial knob, just two years after the appearance and development of the first chemically assembled resin – the well-known melamine. Over 80 years after the company’s creation, Boutet is now run by the founder’s grandson, also an engineer. In short, the history of Boutet is very much a family affair, with tradition and change working hand in hand at the service of industrial development.

BOUTET, always one jump ahead

As the world’s leading manufacturer as long ago as 1950, Boutet innovated the largest range of tightening components.
From tractors to aircraft controls, its parts were to be found on all machines while the characteristic “shapes” of the Boutet tightening knobs became great classics, often imitated but never equalled. To this unfailing concern for what would later be known as design, should be added the legendary toughness of Boutet products: no need for after-sales service for products which have always outlived the machines! Starting in the 1990s, and still as much a pioneer as ever, Boutet has made its range available in 7 colors thanks to the development of a new small-series moulding process. Once again, the company was the first to propose the stainless steel range and then to produce special Thermodur parts capable of resisting a temperature of 180° C. Today Boutet supplies 80% of the world’s major industrial groups.

BOUTET, enthusiasm and service

« A good product speaks for itself ».

In its everyday dealings with industry Boutet always puts the accent on direct contact. We opt for quality before quantity and prefer to build up long-term relations with dynamic clients. Humility, discretion and efficiency are the watchwords for delivering greater speed, performance and economy to our customers. Our passion for good workmanship dates back to the spirit of the1950s of which we are the proud heirs. The Boutet service? We prefer to let our clients to speak for us!

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